Nollywood Actress Ada Slim Tackles Lady Who Wore Short Dress to Church

Ada Slim

A Nollywood actress Ada Slim has called out a lady who wore a pretty short dress to church stating that this was a temptation for weak men.

Considering the huge spotlight that has been cast on the rape culture that is prevalent in society, the conversation on rape and the causes or enablers has never been more important.

Ada Slim took to her Instagram where she put up a video of the mysterious lady walking into church in a very short dress.

She stated that people are quick to accuse weak brothers, however, she also pointed out that on several occasions, a dress code has been instituted to curb problematic dressing but that the lady clearly hasn’t been listening.

She captioned her post: My eyes see something for church today …….later we blame Pastors & weak brothers in the Lord.  Yes most of us are guilty of hot sexy outfits but hell NO, not to church

I’m a feminist & anti-rape/molestation activist but, as much as a man has no right to molest a woman becos of her dressing, am also realistic abt the fact that a man has a right to be tempted…..don’t allow d devil to use u as an instrument of temptation to the body of Christ

I have severally heard my Pastor’s wife (name withheld) talk about dress code to church so nobody should come here and attack Pentecostal Churches for tolerance “If you can’t wear it to work or job interview, don’t wear it to church”   

Ada Slim

There was a lot of support for Ada Slim from the comments with many women shocked at her dressing and agreed that women shouldn’t dress that way to church.

There were comments that asked why an usher didn’t cover her up or how she was even able to enter the church in the first place.

Ada Slim

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