Why Do Nigerians Only Shame Women For Sex? – Leo Dasilva

BBNaija Leo DaSilva advise on sexuality

Former Big Brother Nigeria contestant, Leo Dasilva, has slammed Nigerians whom he claimed only shame women when it comes to sex.

The Big Brother alum is talking about consensual sex between two adults which is in no way a crime, however, he expressed disappointment with how Nigerians treat the women in this encounter and how they leave out the men.


Leo Dasilva also talked about cheating and how it was ridiculous that women usually attacked the ‘other woman’ rather than the man who is just as complicit in the situation.

He said this on Twitter and he added that it seems people aren’t focused.

He tweeted: “When two adults have sex in this country, why does the woman get shamed alone? The funniest is when a woman nabs her husband cheating, she starts attacking the woman. Did the woman stand with you in front of God to promise you anything? A lot of you are not focused, it shows.”

Leo Dasilva

There were some replies to his tweet with one of the replies explaining that women seem to be under the impression that cheating is in a man’s DNA and that in a bid to keep the home, the woman ends up fighting the other woman.

“Those that fight the ladies their men were cheating with instead of the men themselves, they’ve somehow convinced themselves that it’s in men’s DNA to ‘hunt’. Expecting the lady to say no. They’re scared of losing their men, and somehow believe they’re protecting their home.” The follower tweeted.

Another follower claimed it wasn’t a problem unique to Nigeria and he used the example of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

“It’s not a Nigeria issue alone. Case-In-Point, Tristan, Jordyn Woods, and Khloe Kardashian”

Leo Dasilva seems to be in the business of social commentary nowadays as he also recently chastised evicted BB Naija contestant, Tuoyo, who accused Tacha of witchcraft.

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