Nigerian Transgender Shares Old Photo, Says She Wants To Become Most Powerful Woman In The World

A Nigerian transgender based in the USA, Isabella Harisonqueen recently took to her Facebook page to make it known that she plans on becoming one of the most powerful women in the world.

According to Isabella, she has always been known to be a woman trapped in her male body, thus the reason she decided in undergoing sex-change surgery.

In her words;

My story, my journey in life, oh gosh what a journey, now I say to myself nothing is impossible if u believe in urself and actualize your dreams.

I always knew there was a beautiful woman trapped inside of me and thank God I’m letting her out and she doesn’t have to feel caged of trapped any more.

It is a process but I will get there. My final goal is to become one of the most powerful women in the world and I will surely get there if I can come this far. #keeping up with Isabella.

A quick check on Facebook revealed that Isabella Harisonqueen lives in Indianapolis, Indian in the United States and has almost  5,000 Facebook friends.

She has also deleted the post above as it got a lot of negative comments and reactions. Isabella’s real Nigerian name is also unknown as at the time of this publication.



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