Nigerian Rapper Big Lo Down With Kidney Failure, Family Pleads for Help From Public

Nigerian Rapper, Big Lo, who was most popular for his hit track with fellow rapper 2 Shotz, ‘Delicious’, has kidney failure and is in dire need of help.

The rapper has been off the scene for years with no one really knowing what was going on with him.

According to news outlets, Big Lo, whose real name is Lotanna Udezue, is currently in California in dire need of a Kidney transplant which could save his life.

The Netng reports that Big Lo needs at least $50,000 (over N18m) to cover for his expenses.

The entertainment news outlet reported that the family who were represented by his cousin Zuby, have set up a gofundme and there they described the case thus:

“he was diagnosed in July 2018 and has been on dialysis 3 times per week since January. He has also undergone 3 surgeries.


“This health condition has turned his life upside down. As a result, he has lost his job, his house, his car and his medical insurance. He is in dire straits and urgently needs our help.


“All funds raised will help to cover the costs of his outstanding medical bills, ongoing treatment, food, accommodation and other expenses, as we explore options of a life-saving kidney transplant.”

The gofundme page also has a video where the rapper himself explains the trauma he’s gone through and pleads for the support of well meaning individuals.



This is rather sad as it is yet another example of a Nigerian entertainer finding himself in dire need.

Recently it was revealed that actress Ify Onwuemene of Everyday People fame was also diagnosed with cancer and that she was also in need of help even posting a viral video in which she said she wanted nothing more than to meet Davido.

We wish Big Lo a swift recovery and hope that the target is met so he can beat this disease.

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