Nigerian Pastor, Stanley Omoregie Denies Sex Trafficking Charges

Stanley Omoregie

A Nigerian pastor, Stanley Omoregie has told a France court that he is not guilty of trafficking Nigerian women for sex in France.

The suspect was arraigned before a Lyon court on Wednesday November 6 where he claimed that he only wanted to help his fellow people.

Omoregie was charged with sex trafficking along with 23 others all of whom are suspected to be involved in the sex trade in one way or the other.

Stanley Omoregie in his defence claimed that while he did indeed rent apartments to the women involved, he had no idea they were prostitutes.

The court president found this very hard to believe and asked: “What do you think these women were doing to pay you rents of several hundred euros a month, without working, since they had no residence permit?” to which Omoregie claimed that he didn’t care as long as he was paid.

Another problem for Omoregie was the transcript of a text message he sent where he asked someone for ”the best, those who are mature and have beautiful bodies”

He later admitted that he heard them once talking about being prostitutes.

At the end of his testimony, he went down the spiritual route asking that ”May God kill me now if a girl has worked for me”.

According to the prosecution, it is believed that Stanley Omoregie is the linchpin of a family-based syndicate of about 24 people who are heavily into the sex trafficking game.

A report showed that about half the prostitutes in Lyon are actually Nigerian women many of whom were trafficked into Europe while trying to flee Nigeria.


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