Nigerian Man Shares Hilarious Experiences After Someone Shared His Address As Davido’s Own

A Twitter user identified as Baki, recently took to the micro-blogging platform to share several hilarious encounters with strangers who either come to his house or send parcels, believing his address to be that of Nigerian singer, Davido.

According to Baki, someone probably shared his address as Davido’s and ever since, his once peaceful life has not remained the same because he keeps getting unwanted visitors showing up at his door either singing or rapping.

His tweets also disclosed that numerous strangers have turned up at his house bearing gifts for Davido’s newborn. He further stated that mixtapes from different upcoming musicians have been delivered to his house with the thought that the house belonged to Davido.

In his words;

@iam_Davido I think someone put up my address as yours online.

for a while now Been waking up to people randomly singing and rapping in front of my house not even counting the mixtapes they send, and for the past month people randomly come to greet the “baby” amongst other things.

lol please I’ve posted it everywhere that it’s a wrong address but they just keep coming!

I just want to sleep well without someone screaming “OBO PLEASE HEP MY LAIVE” At my window sigh




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