Nigerian Lady Claims Bobrisky Yelled At Her For Taking An “Unaware Photo” Of Him At A Hotel In Abuja


According to news making headlines, a female Twitter user, @kemi_bankole has taken to the social media platform to share her recent encounter with Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky. According to her, Tonto Dikeh was taking photos of Bobrisky at the reception area of a hotel in Abuja when she brought out her phone to take a “nice pic of him”.

She went on claim that Bobrisky immediately yelled at her not to take photos of him and his attitude towards her wasn’t nice at all, hence she had to leave him after she had apologized to the popular crossdresser.

In her words;

You guys I went to Transcorp today and saw Bobrisky. He was posing for Tonto to snap and then I brought out my phone to take a nice pic of him.

If you see the way Bobrisky yelled at me not to take pictures of him? I apologized and left. Wasn’t nice at all especially for a “celeb”.

To be honest guys, I am not a big fan of Bobrisky and his antics but I stan with him on this one; being a celeb doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to tell you not to take their pictures. They are humans too and their space needs to be respected.

What do you think? Was Bobrisky’s action justified? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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