Nigerian Filmmaker Kachi Benson Bags Award At 2019 Venice Film Festival


A Nigerian filmmaker, Kachi Benson was honored at the 2019 Venice Film Festival for his thought-provoking documentary titled ‘Daughters of Chibok’.

Kachi Benson won the prestigious Lion Award for Best VR Story which held in Venice, Italy on Saturday 7th of September.

The documentary looked into the ordeal that the mothers of the girls abducted from Chibok have had to go through in the years that followed.

The movie was the only one from Africa nominated in the category making his  feat a rather impressive one.

Kachi Benson was given the stage and he talked about the driving motivation for him for this project, “I stand here today representing my country Nigeria and my continent, Africa as proof that all you need to get there is faith and courage.


“That is what you need to go out there and tell the stories that matter.”


Benson added: “With this VR film, all I wanted to do was to take the world to Chibok and show them these women who for five years have been living in pain because their daughters are still missing, I felt it was wrong for the world to just move on and forget.”

Kachi Benson was also interviewed by CNN and he explained why his firm, VR360, who make VR films, wanted to make this project and that a thirst for knowledge about the incident really pushed him to embark on this project.

“When the story broke out years ago, there was a lot of talk about it. Some people thought it was fake; others thought it was political. I guess my original reason for making this film was curiosity, I wanted to get the information myself. ”

He also revealed to CNN that he was shocked by the lack of support for the families that suffered from the kidnapping, “One of the most shocking things I found out was that none of the parents had received any form of support since the incident. Not therapy, not psychosocial support, nothing.”

You can check out the video of his acceptance speech below.


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