Nigerian Female Filmmakers are Taking Over!- Biodun Stephens

Biodun Stephens Joba

Of the movies showing in the cinemas this weekend, Joba is one that might catch the eye. Made by Biodun Stephens, who’s debut movie, ‘the Visit’ was acquired by Netflix, it really does show that female filmmakers are making the best movies out there.

In an interview with the Nation, Biodun Stephens gives her opinion as to why women are on top and a myriad of other things.

The paradigm has shifted,” she said “The top films of last year were made by women. Women have been given a space to flourish, career wise, in this field. I think the men are out there supporting us. People like Amaka Igwe and Emem Isong paved the way. That evolution has also brought women to the fore. I am happy for Nollywood. I am happy that a lot of things have changed. Now, you can have a talent in industry and the talent is recognised without having to sleep with anybody or kiss anybody’s ass.” she concluded.

Joba is a movie about Christian faith in the face of tumultuous events and a synopsis found on Nollywood Reinvented reads: The faith of a childless Christian husband is tried, especially when all fingers points to him as the cause of their childlessnes. He must protect his wife who is on a suicide mission whilst managing to keep the faith. 

In the interview, Biodun Stephens also expressed a deep willingness to work with young talent stating:“Someone gave me an opportunity in the person of Late Chris of Koga Entertainment. Someone took a gamble on me, so why won’t I do that to others,

“And probably because I have come from a place of hunger. I mean being hungry for the space I am now. And also, because I write my script myself, I need to find the perfect person. If it means that I have to drill talents till we get it right. I like working with young talents because someone needs to give them the chance.”


Joba is in cinemas and stars Blossom Chukwujekwu, Enado Odigie, Ronke Ojo, Chris Iheuwa, and Christine Osifuye

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