Nigerian Dancer Korra Obidi Welcomes Baby Girl Amidst Racist Abuse

Nigerian Musician, singer and dancer, Korra Obidi, welcomed a healthy baby girl June Chukwuebube Dean yesterday and shared the good news on Social Media.

She took to her Instagram to share the news, sharing a video with her and her husband, Justin Dean.

She captioned it:

See Wetin you cause Oga đŸ€Ł
I was jacking him up like he owed me money!
Natural birth no Epidural. 

The best support a woman can ever ask for @drjustindean 
You are a real man.
And to @elmagodwin 
You are a true friend 
You are divine! You are amazing, you are my everything!

For every mother out there, you are the real MVP.

Today @junedean_ 
June Chukwuebube Dean 
came into the world 8:17 am. 

Her Picture will be released tomorrow at 9:00am on her page. 

As of yet, there are no pictures on the page, but it has over 10k followers with many congratulating the dancer for her safe delivery.

Just the day before, Korra Obidi was celebrating her husband with a picture of the two of them. She also highlighted the racism she faced from people who are displeased that she’s a black woman married to a white man. She wrote a little poem in which she stated that love has no colour.

Her post read:

Love knows no color 
Love knows no race 
Love knows no boundaries 
Love cannot relate 
To nuances of hate 
To spirits irate 
Love is still 
Love will prevail 

Love is divine
Love is sublime 
Love knows no names 
Love stays the same 
To Bucks and bed wenches
To studs of the sexes
Love is the light 
Love shows the way 

Love is the sun
Drives out the darkness 
Love is the truth 
To Force out the Hate 
For only love can grow love 
And only light can shine light
For only truth can drown false 
And only love can be love.
Love is Truth
Love is real
Love is you 
Love is me.
_______ -Korra Obidi ©7|9|19


She also posted some of the disgusting, racist insults she received, appallingly, mostly from black people

Korra Obidi

A lot of this abuse stemed from the fact that Korra Obidi appeared on hit dancing show ‘So you think you can dance’ while 6 months pregnant.

You can check out the video of her audition below.


We congratulate Korra on her baby and we applaud her for her bravery.

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