Nigerian Cross Dresser, Bobrisky Confirms He Had A Liposuction – There Might Have Been Some Complications

Nigerian popular crossdresser, Bobrisky is getting set to flaunt his new body in the coming weeks. He promised to set the photo-sharing app, Instagram on fire.

He announced that he was to go under the knife for liposuction when he was in Dubai. He also shared the news of his doctor’s appointment. He pleaded with his fans to pray for a successful surgery.

“I know you all can’t wait to see my new body… Just give me two weeks let me put myself together. IG is about to catch fire. I’m still in my healing process.”

The Nigerian socialite had earlier expressed his fear before the procedure, and recently gave an update on how the surgery went.He said that his body is swollen and also bleeding after the surgery was done with a photo for proof(see photo below).

“Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery used to remove unwanted fats from specific parts of the body. It is not an overall weight-loss tool. It is carried out using a hollow instrument called Cannula with a powerful and high-pressure vacuum. The procedure has likely side effects such as infections and scars.”

Bobrisky also revealed he won’t be able to sit with his buttocks for a month so he can heal completely. He is also excited he got it done outside Nigeria.

“I’m bleeding little by little. I can’t wait to show you guys my new body. I can’t sit in my buttocks for one month???. I’m glad I did this surgery outside Nigeria. Can’t wait to flaunt my new body.”

We can’t wait to see you too Bob.



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