Nigeria Sues South African Police Over Harassment Of Tayo Faniran

Former Big Brother contestant, Tayo Faniran was the subject of a brutal police assault that has led to a lawsuit against the South African police.

In an Instagram live video, the reality star and model caught South African police trying to force him into an unmarked vehicle and he was assaulted even though he hadn’t done anything wrong.

He was even strangled

Tayo Faniran complained that this is the xenophobia that Nigerians are complaining of and that he was sure the police wouldn’ t search other cars like that.

Following the public outrage this caused, the Nigerian government, through Abike Dabiri, chairman of the Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission have now sued.

She released a statement on her Twitter where she said: “Update on @Tayofaniran s matter in SA. Our mission has petitioned and began pressing a case against the brutality of the police. IPID, the agency investigating the police has commenced work on the matter. Our Consul General has also met with Tayo”

Abike Dabiri

Following the ordeal, Tayo had said that he was simply grateful to still be alive and according to the Punch had said, “So, I just want to thank God for my life first of all. And I want to thank everybody that stood up for me, the people that came to the police station, the phone calls and text messages

“Africa, we are still enslaved you know. This is a problem that affects every African. Even waking up this morning, I can’t even say if I slept well or whatever. My body is sore through, the beating was too much. The bitterness, the hatred, you know. Two handcuffs on someone that is not a criminal. They didn’t take me through the counter or whatever, they took me through the back, and the beating continued and everything.” He added.

We hope that action is taken against the officers who perpetrated this heinous act.

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