Nigeria Music Lyrical Content Battle

The Nigeria Entertainment Industry has one of the largest market in the world where great talents are given the platform to shine by showcasing their talents to the world. When pushed through the proper channel, such an artiste become unstoppable.

But, are these artistes in the business of making money only or making money and passing the right message?

Music brings joy to both the young and old. To the sad, it helps put a smile of their faces, to the happy, it makes them happier. That is to say, everyone loves music irrespective of the genre. How hard are these artistes pushing to pass the right message in their songs? This we can clearly say is a serious battle because some audience can sway easily with what they hear. Inciting violence could be one of them!

While battling on this, it will be incomplete not to look at the concerns of these artistes.

Though Nigerians like to dance and most of the time, turn a serious matter to a joke, they also demand for good lyrical content, a song with a meaning. I for one, sometimes search for songs that reflect how I feel at a certain time and believe the singer is talking to me in particular.

The excuse given by most artistes with zero lyrical content is that, ‘they are merely giving the people what they want’. Can we really blame such response? I don’t think so! Because they won’t sell.. This is definitely not a justification piece, but factual. If people do not demand for songs with basically no lyrical content, why then should artists go back to the drawing board to do better? That I’d leave you to answer.

Do we then have artistes that are concerned with their their lyrical content and still come out nice and fantastic? Oh yes! We do. Asa, Darey, Simi, Falz….. are few artistes we can call to this table. Good music is a blend of everything : Good Beat, Good Message and A Nice Melody. Listen to these songs below?and I bet you’ll agree with me,

  1. Jailer, Fire On The Moutain, Why Can’t We – Asa
  2. Child Of The World, Soldier, This is Nigeria, Moral Instruction – Falz
  3. Pray For Me, Not The Girl – Darey
  4. Remind Me, Please, Take Me Back – Simi

But, are they regarded or even rewarded compared to songs with zero lyrical content? This is one of the problem such an artiste is faced with. If we don’t push more in this direction, then, upcoming artistes are left to follow such trends.

We need to reward them in some way, anyway, then and only then, will they know they are doing the right thing, so they don’t eventually ‘go with the flow’ ?.

Thinking of ways to reward these artistes who take out time to pass the right message to people? You can use whatever position you have to encourage them through buying of their songs, follow them and be constructive in your criticism of their works.

We love to dance and have a good time, but we need to push out more heart warming, original and meaningful lyrical content..

A simple thumbs ? up for effort, won’t hurt.

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