Nicki Minaj Changes Twitter Name to Mrs Petty, Wedding Bells Anyone?

Nicki Minaj might have gotten married if her recent Twitter name change is anything to go by. The rapper now goes by the name Mrs Petty on Twitter.

This comes after she and her boyfriend Kenneth Petty turned up at a Beverly Hills courthouse to get their marriage license.

Nicki Minaj

If she is indeed married, that would be good news for Nicki Minaj following what has been a pretty drama filled week in which she took on popular OAP, Charlemagne tha God in a Tweet claiming that he banned her from his show.

Her tweet had read: “Charlamagne get so excited when he thinks some1 bout to say smthn negative about me,

“that tail get to wagging, that lil p*ssy get to poppin, he get to giggling.

“They banned me from the show but always talkn bout me. I’m pullin up cuz we in NY soon. I’d rather be invited tho js.”

Charlamagne, however, rubbished these claims, stating that at no point had Nicki Minaj ever been banned from the Breakfast club.

Speaking to Page Six about the controversy, he said: “There was never a problem with her

“There is not a consequence to what she has said now, or in the past. I don’t know why she is saying that.”

Charlamagne isn’t the only radio personality she’s gotten into a spat with as she also had some beef with Joe Budden with whom she got into a shouting match with on Queen radio. The fight escalated to the point where Minaj accused Budden of “tearing down women when they can’t defend themselves.”

This is a point that Budden, in an interview with Variety was quick to defend stating: “I was raised by a single mum. I was raised to believe — and I still believe — that women are the greatest creatures on this f–ing earth. The greatest. I don’t understand where that comes from.”

If Nicki Minaj is married though, then congratulations to her.



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