Nicki Minaj Calls Out Botham Jean’s Family After Witness Is Killed

Amber Guyger Hug

Nicki Minaj has reacted to the news of the death of Joshua Brown who was a key witness in the Botham Jean case that lead to the conviction of Amber Guyger.

Joshua Brown was killed in a drive-by shooting and many are of the opinion that the two things are connected.

The family of Botham Jean is now catching some heat as many saw the gesture by the younger brother of the murdered man who hugged Guyger in the courtroom as an insult on the memory of the dead man.

Nicki Minaj also climbed onboard the cancel train when responding to a fan who was bemoaning the death of Brown and calling out the Jean family.

The Twitter user said: “”Man sacrificed his life fkn w/ tht witness stand & Bothem family was all in the courtroom suckin Guyger’s dick. I hate this entire situation.”

Nicki Minaj then responded saying:  “I wonder if they were hugging on him after he got off that stand the way they were all boo hoo cryin, hugging on the murderer. Talk about a slap in the face. Go hug on his fatherless child now. He should’ve let y’all suffer & minded his business. This is heartbreaking. RIP.”

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Meanwhile, the Judge on that case, Tammy Kemp has explained why she hugged Amber Guyger, a gesture which many people have criticised.

She said: “She asked me if I thought that God could forgive her and I said, ‘Yes, God can forgive you and has,'”

Kemp added. “If she wanted to start with the Bible, I didn’t want her to go back to the jail and to sink into doubt and self-pity and become bitter. Because she still has a lot of life ahead of her following her sentence and I would hope that she could live it purposefully.”

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