New Movie : The Coffin Salesman

From its dialogue to its plot, “The Coffin Salesman”, as directed by Imoh Umoren has a single ambition – dark comedy.

Imoh Umoren recently released the trailer for the feature film and it stars Kelechi Udegbe, Mariam Kayode, Gregory Ojefua, Harry Dorgu, Lolo Eremie and other Nollywood stars.

The movie follows a coffin salesman played by Kelechi Udegbe whose life is a mess – business is bad, his wife deserts him and now he must take care of his daughter with special needs while battling with her superhuman imaginations.

Producer/Director Imoh Unoren has already been nominated in several award categories at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival where is first premiered.

The movie has been selected for three Film Festivals in Toronto, Las Vegas, Durban and counting.

The release date to the public is not yet set but from what we have seen in the 2-minute trailer, there is no doubt the movie is set to attain the blockbuster status.

You can watch the movie trailer below;

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