Naira Marley Shows Of Gun Pendant

Naira Marley

Nigerian singer, Naira Marley has excited fans with his latest accessory: a pistol pendant. The Am I Yahoo boy singer took to his Instagram to show it off.

He simply captioned the post: “Marlian”

Naira Marley

The celebrity has been hard at work since his release from prison and has already courted controversy with the release of a hit single, Soapy, which also came with it’s own custom dance.

However, the dance itself has divided people with many seeing it in a negative light as it features a dance style that closely (and uncomfortably) resembles a guy jerking off.

Speaking to the Punch, Donflexx, an award winning choreographer also said that the dance might have a detrimental effect on younger folk.

“The ‘Soapy’ dance wasn’t created by any professional dancer; there are loads of trending dances that have been created by professionals. It was created by an artiste that is trending at the moment. Many people love him and his music as a brand; what I don’t appreciate is the signature dance which looks like a man masturbating in public.

“It is not presentable, it is disgusting. I don’t support that because it would have a negative influence on the younger generation. People who are not professional dancers may see the dance as fun but basically, it is not something to condone or accept in the dance world.

“If we (dancers) don’t talk about it, people would just assume it is part of our dance style which may affect our image as pioneer dancers. It may affect the image of our profession. There is nothing creative about the dance; I don’t support it because I can’t find myself doing such a thing; it is obscene and disgusting. I wouldn’t even see that as a dance.”

Another dancer, Kaffy had also spoken out against the dance, for which they both suffered backlash from Naira Marley fans who called them old fashioned and not in touch with the times.


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