“My Colleagues Should Note That Nobody Wins A Social Media War” – Femi Branch

The veteran Nollywood actor, writer and poet, Femi Branch has given reason(s) as to why he is often, rather quiet on social media; Instagram to be precise.

He believes social media is a crazy place to be and can easily get into one’s head which might lead to unnecessary revelation of private information and mistakes made especially by celebrities, are never forgotten. In other words, social media is a powerful tool that can easily be used to ruin people’s lives.

According to Sun Online, he said;

Social media is a crazy tool to handle. The internet never forgets. So, I keep warning people to be mindful of what they put out there. My colleagues should note that nobody wins a social media war.

In the cause of a fight, a lot of things about your personal life might come out. People will keep it until the day you guys are no longer in good terms. If you don’t give them, they won’t have anything to talk about.

He added that not all controversial topic brought to the court of social media about you, deserves a response and if you should respond, it is better done officially rather than go on a ranting spree which has ruined many relationships amongst his colleagues in the same industry.

Social Media is indeed a powerful tool(positive & negative) and depending on how it is used, It can make or break.

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