Mr P Releases New Song Dealing With Abuse

Mr P

Mr P formerly of P-Square has released his third single for the year called ‘Too late’ which takes on the heavy topic of domestic abuse.

The issue of domestic abuse is one that has been part and parcel of the Nigerian marital scene for decades, but in recent times there has been more and more of a push against it.

In this video, Mr P is a happily married man who gives in to peer pressure and ends up beating up his wife after they get into an argument. His toxic behaviour continues fuelled by his ‘brothers’ who kept reminding him that he is a man.

His wife chose not to take it anymore and subsequently left him, also taking the kids. A distraught Mr P then finds out that the brothers who were egging him on were pretty submissive to the women in their lives and the traits they told him to exhibit weren’t the same ones they portrayed in their own homes.

At this point, however, it was already ‘Too late’

Mr P promoted the video on his Instagram page with a caption warning people that the closest humans to them might also be the most toxic. “Some of the most poisonous people come disguise as Family and Friends. Be careful before it’s TOO LATE by Mr P” he said in the caption.

The song touches on something very important, apart from the fact that domestic violence is bad, it also shows that a lot of people say stuff they would never do and inadvertently lead others to make horrible mistakes.

You can check out the video below.



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