Moyo Lawal Reveals Her ‘Honey Pot’ Doesn’t Get Much Use

Moyo Lawal

Nigerian actress Moyo Lawal has revealed that she is one hell of a prude and that her sexual experience is inferior to an average 18-year-old.

She posted this on her Instagram which was a photo with text on it asking what her least used body part is. In the caption, she answered the question saying it is her ‘honey pot’

She also noted that she is trying to kill the mentality of wanting to wait till marriage before engaging in regular sexual activity

She wrote: “Mine is my 🙈 honeypot 🙈…….. ……. …. been on this earth for 3 decades plus and haven’t used it up to even 3 months in total 🙄………. …….. … ….. …. . Please how do I kill this” till marriage before consistent sinning” mentality thing I have? The thing just tire me, even an 18 yr old of this days has more experience than i do 😒😢…. .. P. S Also, 😢.. I have written enough…. Also my exes follow me , my page is public , trust me , lying is almost impossible”

Her comments were a fun place to be with the majority of those who responded stating that they cannot believe her, whether this is due to her fame or the fact that she’s a smoking hot lady with an admirable body, we don’t know.

Someone in the comments asked Moyo Lawal if it was a case of her personal choices making it so that she has refused to engage in sexual intercourse, or perhaps if it’s a case of not finding someone who she could regularly have sex with.

Others just flat out refused t believe her including this comment, “I find it difficult to believe you on this,sis Mayo,you? No i don’t😀😂”

We can’t say if Moyo Lawal is telling the truth or not, but then, it’s only fair to take her at her word, no?

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