Following the Hire A Man movie which was produced by Chinney Love in 2017, a beautiful film which shows sibling rivalry in a home, about two sisters competing for who is better in everything, (Teni) played by Nancy Isime being one of the cast brought in same style her elder sister did in this new sizzling movie called ” Hire A woman”

A Tech Nerd (Jide) played by Uzor Arukwe, a typical brains minus dress sense, plus nerd glasses once who once dated the hottest chick in campus “Toyosi”  played by Bamike Olawunmi.

After the proposal from Michael Godson to his babe (Ifu Enada)  a reunion party was planned just to have everyone gather around to unwind

“Toyosi will be there” Jide said, I can’t go. She was my “Ex I haven’t seen her in 6 years….

If you have seen “Hire a man ” then you must agree with me that Teni “Nancy Isime ” ain’t no calm lady, so after much plotting, exercising and extra conviction (Both by Teni and Zainab)

Jide was prepped for the game, the Spider man boxers, nerd glasses wearer is now a jaw dropping, Chevrolet sport car, six pack melanin popping, “pepper dem gang” “sweet Boy Association” member  *Insert the drooling emoji*

There goes the reunion with Jide having a classic chick as a Girlfriend and Toyosi hottest blinding the life out of him……

*could he stop drooling over his Ex??

* Did Teni out bitch herself???

*Did Toyosi’s  jaw dropped and couldn’t help suggesting ” black” as the wedding color of the day??

And Oh! There goes that twist that made this movie an outstanding Nollywood movie and a must watch

Won’t do justice if we don’t acknowledge the sound tracks in the movie it was a nice blend to every scene

Chinney Love and Writer’s ink did justice to this movie as it checked every box

Go on….. grab that spouse, friend  colleagues, neighbor, acquaintance, visit  any cinema close to you and have yourself a good fill plus laugh.

Let us know what you think.


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