Monalisa Chinda Reveals Why She Left Her First Marriage

Nollywood Actress, Monalisa Chinda has reveals that she left her first marriage over domestic violence from her first husband Segun Dejo Richards.

She said she hoped that having a baby would end the beating but it didn’t.

She said she tried to look to the church for help but got nothing and that she finally had to leave before things got even worse.

Monalisa Chinda spoke to about her travails during marriage.

She would eventually remarry in 2016.

This isn’t the first time Monalisa Chinda is speaking about her difficult first marriage as she had also granted an interview to the Vanguard saying that one of the reasons she got married again was to give her daughter a father figure.

“Honestly, after my divorce which was very hard for me, I wanted my daughter to grow having a father figure. If nothing else, I did it for my child before doing it for myself. I wanted her to have that person she should look up to as a biological father. I took my time and eight year later, I found somebody that I have always wanted in my life and he came to me naturally. I didn’t go looking for a husband. I am really, really at peace though all marriages are not rosy. There is something called peace, if you have issues with your partner, you solve it quietly with him. As far as you have a ground where you can resolve your differences, that’s what matters to me. My husband is my very good friend. He supports my career with every fiber of his being. He sees that this is what gives me joy and he decides to support me,”  she said.

Nowadays, the actress is married to Victor Coker and is very happy. We hope it stays that way.

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