MI’s “Fvck You” Cover Takes On A Whole New Spin

MI Abaga

If there’s anything anyone can take from the Fvck you challenge, it’s that Nigerians are innovative. Case in point– MI’s version of the song.

The rapper swung things around with his own rendition which also has a video

The common theme of the covers so far has been scorned lovers lamenting the promiscuity of their loved ones and ending the song with them saying ‘fvck you’ to the person.

And the first couple of covers followed this theme, including the ones from Tiwa Savage, Simi and Lil Kesh.

However, as the challenge has continued, more and more people have started putting spins on it.

For instance, rapper Vector, used his cover to blame both sides stating that both the boys and girls.

MI’s video opened with a scorned girlfriend coming to knock on his door. She comes in and confronts him of cheating with other girls. She claimed that he said he was sick but instead was outside frolicking with other girls.

MI’s character in the video denies this stating that whoever told her these things was a liar and that the friend who laid the accusations was a friend that was a threat to their relationship.

He also played a bit of reverse psychology, saying that the accuser was also someone who was interested in him and he insinuated that there were text messages that prove his point (text messages that the girlfriend neglected to ask about).

He successfully wooed her and she seemed to believe him.

The twist came at the very end though as it was revealed that there was indeed another woman in the room all along and the girl was just behind his girlfriend with just a towel covering her nude body.

The video would be a relatable one as it portrays only too well how some guys lie about their activities and how insecure but ultimately gullible women sometimes fall for these antics.

You can check out some of the other covers, Vector’s was also pretty cool

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