Mikel Obi’s Girlfriend, Olga Allegra Breaks Her Silence On Breakup Rumors

Olga Allegra

In the last couple of days, rumours swirling around like wildfire have speculated that trouble was looming in Mikel Obi’s relationship with his Russian girlfriend – Olga Allegra – following his move to the Turkish league from Middlesborough.

According to the rumour mongers, they wrote;

I can confirm to you that all is not seemingly fine with them. Olga doesn’t like the city and has taken the children back to their base.

In fact, she warned him against the move to Turkey but he convinced her about it. Now she came visiting and doesn’t like it; the kids do not also like it there in Turkey which could now be a problem for Mikel.

Now Olga has told Mikel that she won’t return to visit him again which means he won’t also see the kids, leaving Mikel with only the chance of seeing his family in December during the Christmas break, a decision which I understand has left him sad and may unsettle him.

Reacting to the news, Olga Allegra took to her Instagram Story to express her dissatisfaction at how some quarters were excited at the alleged breakup. She wrote;

What’s most shocking is how many of you are so happy, I would even say estaticto read the “news”.

I mean you guys counted how much money I’d get, he would get and how would child support work out 🤦‍♀

Oh, and how all of you “warned” him not to marry a white woman. Says a lot about majorityof mine and Mikel’s followers, hate liking is your full time job.

Looks like most of you only happy when you hear that someone else isn’t doing well.

Well done! You guys are real winners in life 👏🏽

I’m not even gonna comment as it’s too belitting, but thanks for expressing how most of you truly feel about our family.

We really hope after this comment from the queen of Mikel Obi’s heart, rumour mongers will desist from distasteful rumours such as this.


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