Mikel Obi Set To Get Married After Daughters Plan Wedding In New Video

Mikel Obi and Olga

The former Chelsea midfielder Mikel Obi seems set to marry long-time girlfriend Olga Diyachenko if his daughters’ plans move forward without a hitch.

It seems all is well in the Obi household following rumors that the relationship was on the rocks following the midfielder’s move to Turkey from Middlesbrough. Some reports indicated that she threatened to refuse to visit him with his children and that this had unsettled him.

In the video, Olga is with the two adorable girls whom Mikel Obi constantly gushes over and one of the daughter talks about how she wants ‘Daddy to marry mummy now’. She also claimed that she would buy her mother roses.

Olga captioned the post: “Che @mikel_john_obi we getting married at some dodgy concert where they serve popcorn “apparently” 🤣 Love you ♥️ #youtubeworthy Everyone’s invited to our🍿 wedding 💒”


The responses to the post were mostly of relief that she and Mikel Obi are still together and there don’t seem to be any plans to split. One of the comments summed up the feeling, stating: “Aaaaahhhh that’s what i want to hear. I just knew that was a little misunderstanding that every relationship must go through it. Its not about being black or white, i really do love you guys. Babies so cute. I cant. ❤❤❤”

In an earlier post, Olga also seemed to point towards all being well with the duo writing about how love is work and how every relationship required a lot of work.

“For better or worse till… It’s a promise we make to another person, more importantly to ourselves. In the world of “gram” let’s get real and behind love♥️ love your family and always remember where it started, love” she captioned the post.

It’s good to hear that both Mikel Obi and Olga are doing fine and that things can only get better from here.

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