Mike Godson Reveals Babymama Scam, Slams LIB Fake News

Mike Godson

Nollywood actor, Mike Godson, has slammed reports that he is expecting a by with an American babymama, stating that they are false reports.

In a report which they claimed was exclusive, LIB reported that the actor is expecting twins with his American wife Latreece.

The short story had said:“Actor Mike Godson will soon be a dad! The actor is expecting a set of twins with his American wife, Latreece. Mike and Latreece got married in a very quiet ceremony in September 2018. 


“Their babies are due soon. Congrats to them!”

Mike Godson was quick to take to his Instagram page to debunk this rumor stating that “BIG SCAM.? they have come again. WITCHES.?‍♂️”

But it didn’t end there, as the actor also shared a post on Instagram in which he claimed that the woman in question had been scammed and that whoever slept with her and gave her babies was not him.

This was after the account in question purportedly shared a video of someone claiming to be Mike Godson speaking to her through a vn and claiming to be her husband. She also threatened the actor, captioning her message,

“@mikegodson you have 24 hours to remove the false post from your page⏳I would highly recommend you to deactivate it ☹️Everyday I’m going to release footage until you do?Antagonizing me in front of the world ??is the faultiest move you could ever make. FOUL BALL ? ref! If you release #ThePerfectThief movie ?without paying me 50k I’m going to have you blacklisted ?from YOUR own industry. My connections ? run heavier than yours ?This is America not Nigeria??This land flows with milk, honey?and the MOB? Umm k. ?Stay off of my page with the fuck shit⚠️I’m too thorough and calculated♠️ for anything less than RESPECT ✊?Don’t patronize me❌You are acting like a narcissistic pig ? who is denigrating and disparaging me with a false belief that you are inferior & that I deserve less than equal treatment or benefit b/c I am a female?I brought your DEAD SCRIPT to LIFE Biko & don’t you ever forget it?I rest my case, for now♟
Fam & friends I’m perfectly fine ?I told ya’ll ain’t shit changed and I meant it ?I want a PUBLIC apology! Period! MASK OFF ? Love you ?”

Mike Godson responded with a post of his own and captioned it: “How can some one be this dumb Like seriously. ? Some one please tell this woman she’s speaking to a fraudster not me. They come to my page lifting my pictures and videos to defraud women. She’s probably faking the pregnancy to get back at the person who defrauded her. Thinking it is me. ?‍♂️ @queentreecey don’t be dumb that’s not my voice.”



This looks more and more like an interesting saga and we’ll keep you posted as things develop.

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