Mike Ezuruonye Punishes Roadside Vendor Selling Pirated Movies


Nollywood actor, Mike Ezuruonye has cropped up in the news after a video in which he was seen seizing a pirated movie from a seller surfaced on the Internet.

The movie in question, Chief Daddy, has been in the cinemas for a while now, but as is the case with a lot of movies and music, the product found itself in the hands of pirate who make off of it by selling it around the country.

In the clip which has been circulating on social media, Mike Ezuruonye can be seen driving off in the car after collecting a copy of the movie and telling the young hawkers that they are thieves whom he could have arrested if he wanted.


Piracy is a major problem in the Nigerian entertainment scene with millions of Naira lost every year to these pirates and with a higher demand for Nigerian movies than ever before, the market has been dominated by these pirates.

Now that more and more Nigerian movies are now showing in the cinemas, the power has swung back a bit to the producers who can now make money off ticket sales along with DVD sales as opposed to just the latter a few years ago.

Mike Ezuruonye knows a thing or two about pirates and fraudsters, telling Pulse in an interview in 2018 that he had gotten death threats from people after fraudulent individuals use his picture as a front to lure their targets in.

He said in the interview:”This has brought tears to me, so much embarrassment. I have even been abroad before and someone has held my shirt and said “After talking to you yesterday, after doing everything for you, I sent 25 computers to your foundation, I sent money to you and now you come into this country, don’t tell me you are trying to sneak into this country.”

“It’s so so sad, I have gotten death threats from people, I have gotten husbands of these people, boyfriends of these people, maybe because of the way I deal with it you know, that’s another thing. I have been so used to get money off people. The EFCC in Benin have been so helpful, I mean, it is really really bad. I have seen five people caught. There was a time it was so much the Inspector General of Police’s office got my account investigated, I was invited to the IGP’s office in Abuja, it was that bad.”

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