Mike Alleges That A Certain Housemate Smell Funny In The Big Brother House!

A certain video sufficed online that has unfortunately gone viral and in it was a discussion that ensued between Mike and Khafi in the closet with few other housemates close by.

The video which has gone viral suggests that Tacha who is one of the housemates in the on-going big brother reality show season 4 allegedly has body odour. But, no name was called out as seen from the circulated video.

Some fans of the show who take things personal have linked the foul smell talk from mike to tacha.

From Mike to Khafi; “tell your friend to top up. I said something to her but I don’t think she took my word. If anyone is musky in the house, we should tell her. It shouldn’t be a thing!”

A few minutes later, Omashola, Frodd and Mercy were seen discussing the same issue and Mercy added that the unknown individual has a body odour because she bleached and anyone that does so, needs a strong deodorant to follow suit.

Watch the video here👇👇


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