MI vs Vector Rumbles On After Rapper Leaks DMs

MI Abaga and Vector have continued with their war of words with the latter leaking DMs between the two from back in the day.

Vector had released a diss track called ‘Judas the rat’ which whipped fans into a frenzy as they listened and commented.

There are people on both sides of the divide with some with MI and others siding with Vector.

Vector also leaked DMs between himself and MI. You can check them out below.

Vectot v MI

Vectot v MI

Vectot v MI


MI responded to the whole fracas in a tweet where he defended deleting his messages stating that he was surprised that leaking messages at their age was still a thing. His tweet read: “Of course I did.. didn’t know that we were leaking DM’s in our 30s .. would advice everyone messaging you to do same”


Kenyan rapper Victoria Kimani took the chance to snipe at MI in a tweet that went viral. She is clearly on the side of Vector in this argument and tweeted her support saying: “Damn man ….. Vector just killed the 🐀 😢 May it RIP 💯”

The responses were varied but a lot of the more vocal ones really came for her. The tweet was so popular that it even trended in Lagos, something that Victoria reacted tweeting; “Trending in Lagos!! 😂 Damn, I didn’t even say anything THAT bad 😂💯 Anyway, I love you guys so much, I’ll have to visit Lagos soon, I haven’t been there since December 2018 !! ❤️💯🙏🏾”

The battle rages on and it’ll be interesting to see what moves both sides pull before the end of this particular beef.

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