MI Abaga Takes Another Shot At Vector At BBN Finale

Mi Abaga

For the probably 0.5 of you that missed the Big Brother Naija finale yesterday, Apart from Mercy winning the crown, MI Abaga also performed.

While the main story was a historic win for Mercy, there were other subplots and that includes the beef between MI and Vector.

Hip-Hop fans love beef and the one between MI Abaga and Vector has been fascinating to watch. The two took shots at each other with the court of public opinion siding with MI in this particular situation.

The Chocolate City rapper couldn’t resist taking another shot at Vector during his performance at the finale first wearing a shirt that read ‘No Snakes’ and also having a motion graphic which featured a snake, display underneath his feet. He took things one step further as he ended his set with lyrics from his diss track against Vector.

MI Abaga Snakes

You best believe that the internet noticed what was going on and had a good laugh about it. There were tweets talking about the stunt with one observer saying: “After sending Vector to coma yesterday, @MI_Abaga returned today to remove his oxygen. 不不不. Now somebody will have to organise ‘Big Brother Lafiaji’ so that Vector can perform at the finale. 不不”

Another said it would take a cataclysmic scandal for Vector to turn the tables, “The only way Vector wins this is if he exposes @MI_Abaga’s love child with a porn star … otherwise “hit his hover” . No coming back”

Another suggested, “The only way vector can win this beef is he need to perform on a big stage like bbnaija and diss MI openly like M did last night .if not he should not release anything”

It does look like MI Abaga has the lead, but let’s see how things go, there is still time for a response.

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