MI Abaga Apologizes to Fans Following AKA Support

MI Abaga

Following a barrage of abuse and threats that plagued Nigerian rapper MI Abaga over the past 24 hours, he has apologized to anyone who had offended.

MI Abaga had in the midst of a Twitter storm following the attacks on Nigerians in South Africa due to Xenophobia, defended South African rapper AKA, whom he said harboured no hate towards Nigerians.

People deemed this response inadequate and he was subsequently dragged by followers on Twitter who did not believe his utterances and saw it as a case of siding with the enemy.

MI, in a series of tweets, apologized for offending anyone and also revealed that while he could have easily reacted angrily, he decided that he would rather respond with love and understanding.


“To everyone I offended yesterday I apologise..” he began, “It is always the right time for healing..

“I hope we can begin to listen to each other and discuss real lasting solutions. I know I will..”

He also added: “I have been insulted and threatened so much.. And though a part of me wanted to turn to anger.. I know that it was a test for me to lead with love.. We have to see past our hurt into our hearts.. and fight hatred with love

“Last.. I pray that we will all have someone that will speak the truth on our behalf in spite of the repercussions. If I did so in error God will judge… But courage is being able to say no when everyone else says yes.. no matter the personal cost..”


While there were a few level headed responses which accepted the apology, some still used the opportunity to make short jokes of MI Abaga and mock him.

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