MET Gala 2019: Lady Gaga Showed Us 4 Outfits In 2 Minutes On The Red Carpet

Lady Gaga at the MET Gala

When you heard that the theme for the MET Gala 2019 was ‘Camp’ lie that you didn’t think of Lady Gaga– you did, didn’t you?

The Bad Romance has almost become synonymous for outlandish fashion choices and this year’s MET gala was no different with the singer showing up in not one, not two, but four outfits, all of which she cycled through in a rather short period of time.

Her look drew comparisons to a Russian doll which each layer of clothing showing us something new.

With the MET gala already without Blake Lively and Rihanna, so someone had to pick up the slack of looking fashionable and Lady Gaga was more than willing to carry on the mantle.

The Star is Born actress started out the extravaganza with a huge pink dress accompanied by a number of attendants.

Lady Gaga at the MET Gala

The next was a classic black dress with an umbrella that harkened back to 50s style fashion.

Next up was a bright pink and form fitting dress coupled with sunglasses and a Tiffany and Co. butterfly necklace.

And of course, Lady Gaga finished things up with lingerie. It was a Crystal bra, panties, fishnet stockings and a pair of shoes that Denrele Edun would have been proud.

Variety reported that Lady Gaga was draped in $2 million worth of Tiffany diamonds, including an 18k gold necklace adorned with a little bow.

The year’s theme,  “Camp: Notes on Fashion,”, which was described by Susan Sontag as  “A sensibility that revels in artifice, stylization, theatricalization, irony, playfulness, and exaggeration rather than content.” was right up Gaga’s alley and it not very surprising to see that she was able to pull off her looks with relative ease.

As always, Lady Gaga was dressed by Brandon Maxwell, her longtime friend and collaborator.

While we mourn the absence of Rihanna and Blake Lively, at least Lady Gaga kept us thoroughly entertained.

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