Meet The Nigerian Actress Gbemisola Ikumelo That Is NegotiatingTo Star In The Amazon Feature Film “A League Of Their Own”

The Nigerian born Actress and Scriptwriter, Gbemisola Ikumelo is currently finalizing a deal to star in the movie ‘A League Of Their Own’.

The movie is written by Abbi Jacobson, produced by Will Graham and Sony Pictures TV and Gbemisola is to play the Role Of ‘Clance in the movie.

“A League Of Their Own is a movie revolves around women’s professional basketball league during World War II.”

The movie has been converted from the original half an hour to a new time of an hour to fit each character chosen to star in the movie.

The Nigerian actress, Gbemisola is not the only one negotiating a role in the movie… The “Good Place” actor, D’Arcy Carden is negotiating her way through to star in the movie.

Co-creator of the movie, Abbi Jacobson is also to star in the movie.

Gbemisola Ikumelo is a Nigerian-born actress and scriptwriter popular for writing the comedy series ‘Famalam’ and BBC comedy short movie ‘Brain in the Clear’. She also starred in the movie.



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