Meet Moelogo And His Intriguing Brand Of Music

The idea of alternative music has started to catch up more and more in Nigeria and maybe it’s time for us to have the conversation about Moelogo.

With acts like Wurld, Odunsi the Engine and so on, it seems Alternative music is beginning to take some root in Nigeria.

The mainstream success of Adekunle Gold and Simi has helped in no small part and now people are beginning to appreciate that alternative sound.

Moelogo is a Nigerian musician who was born in Lagos but in 2001 moved to South London and has since released some pretty good music. His latest project, an EP called ‘Magic’ is his third project in 7 years and as more and more time has passed, he has only become more and more influential.

His 2016 song, “Penkele” got so much attention that both Sakordie and Davido jumped on it.

In an interview with Okay Africa, he talked about how his music was influenced by his time in South London and his musical journey so far.

Moelogo was asked about working with producers in England and Nigeria and he opined that there isn’t much of a difference between the two and that the common denominator of music makes it easy to work with all types of producers.

“I don’t believe in that.” he said “I just feel like if both sides know about the music and have some kind of mutual ground of understanding… I can work with any producer as long as they are passionate about the music. I’m not really picky but I need the person to be musical and spiritual. Energy is very important. Once the energy is right, anything can happen. Music will flow. You start thinking of things you were not thinking of before and you start bouncing off each other’s energy and ideas.”

Moelogo also told the story of how Sarkodie and Davido remixed ‘Penkele’ saying that the process was completely organic, “Sarkodie was the first one to actually reach out because he’d spoken in London with DJ Abrantee from Capital XTRA. Abrantee  gave me a call being like, “guess who I’m with?” I spoke to Sarkodie and he said he wanted to jump on “Penkele.” So I sent him the track and he did it. The next day my producer was in Atlanta working with Davido on his album, so he said “you know I got Davido, give me a call.” That’s how everything came about. It was very organic.”

You can check out his latest EP, ‘Magic’ below and you should definitely check out his older stuff. Moelogo is an artiste you don’t want to miss out on.



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