Meet 28-Year-Old Morris Mbetsa A Kenyan Who Invented Africa’s First Flying Taxi

What many saw as impossible and probably not to be seen in Africa, has now been made possible. All thanks to Morris Mbetsa.

Morriss Mbetsa a 28 year old young man surprised many with his invention of Africa’s first-ever to be seen FLYING TAXI. This was made possible because of his interest in technology. He started developing this interest from age 6.

In 2018, Morris invented a drone big enough to fly passengers. Surprisingly, he dropped out of college to ensure his vision became a reality without haven to wait for so long.

He spoke on the reason(s) he had to drop out of college.

“I got impatient, I knew I had to wait for a lecturer to take me through many stages for the next six years. That was too long.”

Rather than haven to wait that long, the Kenyan born investor, turned to the internet for help. That he got alongside knowledge coupled with skills he developed a long time ago.

He brought all to the table to actualize his dream.

As the world joins in the celebration of the Flying Taxi,  Morris Mbesto first came up with a security system used in tracking cars from a mobile application in 2009.

There’s likely to be more inventions to come from him. Currently, he and his team are working on an air traffic control system to ensure communication with those piloting the drone. And they will be properly trained before they’re allowed to do so.

Speaking on what prompted such a brilliant idea, he said;

“Africa has bad roads, constant floods and the developed nations were not willing to share the innovation with Africa. I took it up as a challenge and started working on the project.

Morris Mbetsa is only 28years with such an achievement. He’s not close to being done and as we look forward to more inventions from him, he has done Africa proud.



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