Meek Mill Denied Travel To Toronto For Sixers Playoff Game

Meek Mill

Is Judge Genece Brinkley’s middle name Amaka? Because she certainly disappointed Meek Mill

Okay, i know, that was bad, however, Meek Mill was truly disappointed as he was unable to properly cheer on his team, Philadelphia 76ers, in their Eastern Conference semifinals game against the Toronto Raptors (Who happen to be Drake’s team)

The reason is a conviction in 2008 for drugs and weapon possession which has in turn put Meek on probation for the last 12 years or so.

This has caused the rapper to have to seek permission to travel from Judge Brinkley, who is a judge on the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania and who was also responsible for his incarceration, and on this occasion, his application was denied by the judge.

According to reports, Meek Mill and the judge don’t get along for reasons no one really knows.

TMZ reports that “Meek’s probation officer signed off on the request with no issue … but when it came to getting Brinkley’s signature, she refused to approve the request.”

No reasons were given for the Judge’s refusal to approve his travel plans but it might have gone some way in affecting the results as the 76ers lost the game.

Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin took to his Instagram to criticize the judge’s decision, stating that it was out of order.

“Judge Genece Brinkley – I know you have a vendetta against Meek Mill and are obsessed with trying to control every aspect of his life, but did you really NOT approve him to go to rep the Sixers in Toronto for the game?” he said.

It’s not all bad news though as the Toronto team will still come to Philly to play a game and you can be sure that Meek Mill will be court side supporting his favourite team.


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  1. Great comparison between two beautiful cities. I’ve lived in both and because they are so different it’s hard to compare them. I must say that Montreal is better in the fall and spring but Toronto is better in the summer and winter.


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