MC Galaxy Gifts IKE And Khafi The Money He Promised Them After They Apologized For Not Showing Up The First Time

After gifting Cindy, Frood and Omashola 1million, 500,000 & 300,000 respectively, he also accepted Ike and Khafi’s apology by giving them 500,000 thousand naira each.

Recall he had asked his followers to suggest anyone from the big brother reality show he can gift the sum of 1million naira and Laura asked it be divided between Ike and Khafi.

Unfortunately, they got busy on the day they were to get the money and Cindy was lucky enough to get it all because she was at the store, shopping. Khafi immediately apologized for missing the scheduled time due to traffic and thanked all her fans for suggesting she gets part of the money, she also congratulated Cindy for receive the 1million. MC Galaxy accepted her apology and followed through with his promise by sending her the money.

Ike went over to see him, he apologized personally as he was caught up with BBNaija activities and couldn’t reach out. The singer also accepted his apology and gifted him what he promised.

Congratulations to every one of them!!!


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