Mary Njoku Responds to Trolls Bashing Her Appearance

Nigerian actress Mary Njoku posted a selfie on her Instagram which drew a lot of reaction as some sections of the comments claimed that she looked old.

In the photo’s caption she talked about fake friends and how it is a lot more difficult to tell people apart. She wrote: “It’s becoming very difficult to know what’s Real. Even salt looks like sugar. It’s time to Unfollow fake friends in Real life. 😕😕”

Some of the users claimed that perhaps her marriage is making her look older or perhaps she just doesn’t take care of herself.

Mary Njoku responded to the backlash stating that she is the one in the marriage and is the one who would enjoy or suffer it and that it is basically no one’s business what she chooses to look like.

Mary Njoku Instagram

Many people sprang to her defense though and hit back at the trolls, like this user who said: “People should understand that there are different angles picture an be taken, and those angles will give different looks or outcome. I understand that this picture makes Mary look older, but she has looked great in her pictures I must confess. I don’t understand why ladies are so hash to ladies. The fact that one person can be in front of the mirror all day painting themselves, and the other one is not does not mean the later is not looking after herself. Make up is not for everyone. If you have a beautiful face and a nice skin, why make it up? Mary I like you as a person, but with this short testimonial of yourself, I respect you. It’s not easy at all. I have just had my second baby, I can hardly pick up my phone let doing what you do. Well done”

Someone else also chimed in: “Please leave them, let them talk, some are jobless that’s y they have all the time for slaying….. besides beauty has nothing to do with make up,”



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