Marriage Is Not An Achievement- Uriel Oputa

Former Big Brother contestant, Uriel Oputa has taken a swipe at the institution of marriage, stating that it is not an achievement.

The Big Brother alumnus said that she did not toil through school to just settle and accept that her pinnacle in life is marriage.

She said this during an interview where she also added that she would rather stay single than marry the wrong person.

She said: “I feel that one’s personal life should be kept private. Your life should be personalised to you, and not anybody else. Because someone got married at 19 or 25 doesn’t mean you must get married at that age. We all have different times. Nigerian men and family members should stop pressurising women into getting married. The divorce rate in the country is very high at the moment. People are rushing out of marriages the same way they rush in. I have a friend who got married and has two kids, but she’s now divorced. And she has to take care of her children. These days, people just get married for the wrong reasons. I would rather stay single than end up marrying the wrong person. Marriage is not an achievement. I did not go to school just to get married.”

Uriel Oputa was sitting for an interview with Sunday Scoop and there she added that she has never felt pressured to live a lie.

“I have never felt pressured to pretend to be what I’m not. I don’t even have a car. But I’m going to buy one before the year runs out. However, I don’t think it’s true that former BBN contestants are trying to live above their means. It is human nature to want to look good and sell our markets. If former contestants of the show say they are making money, who are we to judge them? We are not in their pockets and don’t know what’s going on in their lives. I don’t have time to exaggerate anything. I always try to be as plain as abc.” she said.


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