Male Birth Control: Ubi Franklin’s Alleged Babymama Seemingly Comes For Him

Ubi Franklin

The male birth control pills have caused a lot of discussion on social media and some of that might hit pretty close to home with Ubi Franklin.

The alleged babymama of the music entrepreneur, Sandra Iheuwa, applauded the production of the contraceptive for men and hailed it as a way to curb ‘men are scum’ syndrome.

While her caption never explicitly mentioned Ubi Franklin, their rocky relationship makes an inference of shade more credible.

She said in the post: “Yay!!! A lot of you men need this 😂😂 don’t come and say how did you get pregnant? Or start denying pregnancies 😂😂😂…..if you don’t want that babe to get belle go on birth control……the burden will no longer be on the woman. I love this 😋”

The two are clearly not friends with Ubi Franklin continuing to deny having a child with her while Sandra Iheuwa has taken every chance she gets to take shots at him including in a statement on social media where she claimed she would rather reconcile with the devil than with him.

“@folabimbo nah my dear i can’t pass that fact that a grown man with balls will reject and deny an innocent baby what exactly did the baby do? All because of ego and public image i would rather iron things out with the devil than with baby daddy. I am not angry or bitter i am highly disappointed. I can take care of baby A so baby aint missing anything significant with father not involved baby A don’t need an Instagram daddy” she said.

Franklin has for the most part kept mum about the whole drama and it is likely he’ll do the same here especially when you consider the vagueness of the attack in the first place.

Ubi Franklin baby mama


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