Majesty By Peruzzi: Nice Song, Dodgy Storyline


Let’s forget for a second that Peruzzi is in the middle of a controversy following his decision to assault a Social Media influencer and face the music.

Peruzzi, who is signed to Davido’s DMW music label, released a video to his new song, ‘Majesty’ yesterday and at the moment it has over 200,000 views which at least shows that it’s popular.

The video also features Cee-C of Big Brother Nigeria fame and seeing as she’s arguably the most popular house mate at the moment, you can understand the decision to cast her to be the main love interest in this music video.

The song itself is catchy with the normal Afropop vibes that Nigerians have come to love and demand in all their music.

The video however, was a bit iffy for me.

The video tells the classic tale of a woman about to walk down the aisle with the ‘wrong man’ and how the hero (in this case Peruzzi) comes in to save the day and the two run off into the sunset (actually, moonlight in this case)

The video focuses on the wedding day of this bride and as the video goes on, we learn that 6 months ago she had been dissuaded from marrying Peruzzi’s character by her father who was displeased that she wanted to marry a musician.

Peruzzi then shows up as Cee-C is making her vows and because of the love that exists between the two, she ups and leaves her man at the altar to run off with Peruzzi.

Cee-C’s wedding gown was gorgeous as was the costuming for this video. The quality of the video was top notch and as mentioned before, it’s a pretty nice song.

If i had any problems, it would be with the story. It struck me as odd that the story decided to stick with the old tropes of parents disapproving of musicians seeing as we live in a world where a lot of the upperclass is made up of musicians and entertainers. The stigma attached to music from a decade ago no longer exists, so the idea of using that in the storyline struck me as a bit unimaginative.

I was also struck by the timeline of the events of the music video. I find it rather hard to believe that Cee-C was about to marry another guy 6 months after supposedly breaking up with Peruzzi’s character.

All in all, it was a good video and a lot of my problems come from a story perspective rather than a musical one.

You can watch the video below:


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