“Lose You To Love Me” By Selena Gomez And “Sorry” By Justin Bieber Are A Great Combination For A Mashup

These two might still be in touch with their feelings just by wondering how both songs fit into a mashup.

Selena Gomez is yet to state who she was referring to in her song but made it known that the inspiration came from a past toxic relationship and Justin Bieber’s name wasn’t in the revelation.

While that is coming from Selena, her fans already linked it to their(Justin & Selena) past relationship and producer Andy WU heard the fans and surprised them with a Mashup of songs from the ex-lovers. In it, the verses became clearer and made it even more believable that they were both referring to themselves in their individual song.

Their fans are thrilled as to how the songs fit in this Mashup due to how clear the lyrics are and it makes them feel that they can now hear the story of Selena and Justin’s breakup from both sides.

The Mashup has suddenly gone viral and all thanks to the producer, Andy WU for an incredible job.

“Sorry” is a 2015 hit single by Justin Bieber while Selena Gomez only just released “Lose You To Love Me.”

The producer of the Mashup, Andy Wu is a filmmaker, editor and music producer from Los Angeles. He has received lots of shouts out from fans, thanking him for a job well done.

The ex-lovers started dating in 2011 but it was an On and Off relationship until 2018 when they finally called it quits and Justin Moved on almost immediately and got married to Hailey Baldwin…Selena Gomez dated her ex-boyfriend for 10 months.

The Mashup is available for viewing on youtube. So far, it has gathered a large number of 1.3 million views but steadily growing.



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