Lola OJ Responds To Viral News About Her Baby Daddy’s Identity

Recently, there was viral news on the real identity of Lola’s Baby Daddy and she felt the need to put the rumours to bed.

Brand influencer and entrepreneur, Lola OJ birthed a baby girl three months ago and has since been linked with two famous names in Nigeria as the father of the baby girl, neither of them has made a statement on this issue but Lola has this to say👇👇

The excited new mum took to her Instagram page to announce the birth of her daughter, which she has managed to keep under wraps for so long…pregnancy and birth included.

Since the news broke out, she was first linked with Shina Peller and was later linked to the Nigerian footballer Obafemi Martins to be the baby daddy.

An attempt to put the rumours to bed as seen above, the beauty enthusiast and vlogger, Lola still, didn’t confirm the real identity of the father.

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