Leo Dasilva Dishes Relationship Advice

Leo Dasilva

Former BBN housemate, Leo Dasilva has spoken up about relationships, stating that he feels that people shouldn’t wait for couples to be single before scattering the relationship.

According to Leo, he feels that if the relationship can be scattered by an outsider then perhaps the relationship wasn’t meant to be.

He took to Twitter where he wrote:  “Don’t wait till they’re single, scatter the relationship. Remember, If it can be scattered, it’s not meant to be. Just advisin the young ones. Radicalism brings results faster”

The comments left a lot of people confused as they were unsure if the Big Brother alumni was joking or not. Some followers felt that perhaps this was a sign for them to try something out like this user who tweeted in response: “Lol second type of this tweet I’m seeing today. Father lord, is this a sign? 😂😂😂”

Another follower said that Leo Dasilva is like an old man from the village: “If you are an old man, you will be one of those old men in the village, that will say ehn, so you bought car. Nawa ooo, and my son hasn’t bought any🤣🤣🤣🤣”

One of the responders did say that she would come over and try to scatter Leo’s relationship, a notion that the BBN alum told the girl to give up on as it is a waste of time.

Leo is a prolific poster on Social media and he keeps his followers entertained especially with his tweets about Arsenal football club which he is a fan of and constantly criticises.

Lets hope no one breaks up his relationship.

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