Lamboginny Hits Out At Naira Marley Over Soapy Dance


Nigerian singer Lamboginny Lawanson has hit out at Naira Marley and his new ‘Soapy’ dance, calling it disrespectful to prisoners the world over.

Naira Marley, who himself recently came out of prison after perfecting his bail conditions, took to Instagram showing off a new dance to go with his new single Soapy.

The song and dance has caused quite the stir with many attacking it and calling it a ‘Masturbation’ dance.

Lamboginny, who has been an advocate of prison reform for a while, even protesting at the International Human Rights Summit at the United Nations, was aghast at the dance which he said was a mockery of the many Nigerians suffering in prisons and awaiting trial.

He tweeted: “The prison condition in Nigeria is a very sensitive and painful situation for thousands of inmates. If after visiting the prison all you have to talk about is Masturbation dance! I will consider it mockery on the thousands of inmates who are in pain. #KirikiriDonFull

Lamboginny was certainly not the only one who was incredibly displeased with the dance as record breaking dancer, Kaffy also spoke out against the dance stating that it was rubbish and not something she could take.

She said: “I am sorry; I can’t take this. I have never seen a more disgusting, immoral dance like the so-called Soapy. It should never be encouraged. I am really disappointed.

“As dancers we should speak for what is right. We shouldn’t encourage this for the sake of trending especially when it is not even censored from kids. To an adult, it is even offensive. Rubbish!”

According to CNN, 67.9% of Nigerians incarcerated are there before trial and that number makes us the 17th in the world in number of prisoners in prison before trial.

There are those who love the dance as a cursory glance at Naira Marley’s page shows videos with other Nigerians who have also tried out the dance and maybe, just maybe it’s catching on.

It’s hoped that Marley realizes that he might need to be more sensitive about the things he’s doing.


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