Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Still Living Together Despite Breakup Rumors

Travis Scott Stormi

Entrepreneur and Beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner still seems to be living with Travis Scott despite rumours that the two are now broken up.

Travis hurt his knee during his performance last weekend at Rolling Loud and according to reports this is the reason that he and Kylie are still staying together.

According to TMZ, the two are still really cordial and want to spend time together with their daughter Stormi.

Many don’t believe that the two are broken as they are still hanging out together and taking pictures on social media including a pretty cool on with Stormi at a Pumpkin patch for Halloween.

Travis Scott Stormi

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner has shown why she was named the youngest self made Billionaire. Her shop, ‘thekylieshop’ put up an Instagram post where they revealed that they will now be selling hoodies that  bear the legend ‘Rise and Shine’ which is in relation to her viral video.

In that video, she had been showing fans around her office and she walked into Stormi’s room and sang ‘Rise and Shine’ to her toddler. The internet found this pretty funny as Kylie isn’t exactly the greatest singer alive.

Rather than getting upset, Kylie Jenner took it in stride making fun of herself and making money off of it.

She even put up a post on social media where she had her face photoshopped in place of the iconic ‘baby sun face’ from Teletubbies.

Kylie Jenner

She captioned it; “No caption needed”

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Fans were impressed with the speed at which she monetized the joke and she was praised in the comments for her business acumen. It’s safe to say that the hoodies will probably sell really well.

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