Kylie Jenner Reveals What Girls Really Do In the Bathroom

Kylie Jenner

Bathrooms are for selfies…or at least that is what Kylie Jenner would have us believe with her new slew of photos that are meant to have us fanning ourselves.

The entrepreneur also took a sultry photo with Baby daddy, Travis Scott with the rapper putting an arm across Kylie’s neck in an interesting ‘Choke me’ pose.

She captioned the post with Travis, “partners in crime 4 evaaa💗💦🦋👨‍👩‍👧” also captioning her other post, “what we really do in the restroom 🤪💗📸”

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner

So guys, just in case you had no idea what girls get up to in the bathroom, now you know.

You’re Welcome.

Kylie Jenner seems to be more at peace recently and also opened up to fans in a recent post about how social media life is a facade and that she also has real problems in life like everybody else.

Celebrities are usually put on a pedestal and aren’t seen as normal people, a practise that Kylie Jenner seems to be trying to buck.

In that post, she said:

I’m proud of myself, my heart, and my strength. growing up in the light with a million eyes on you just isn’t normal. I’ve lost friends along the way and I’ve lost myself too sometimes. my first tattoo was “sanity” to remind myself everyday to keep it. I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole young adult life and after my baby i dealt with all the internal ups and downs. I felt like i had to find myself completely again. I keep a whole lot to myself but just wanted to share and let you know I’m human. my life is not perfect and what you see here on social media is just the surface. be gentle with yourself, move on, and let go. we are all capable of great things, worthy of love, and allowed to express ourselves. do more of what makes you happy and be unapologetic. now is your season . we all have a magnificent destiny.

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