Kylie Jenner Just Took Out a Gigantic Billboard for Travis Scott’s Birthday

Kylie Jenner might be a Billionaire with a business that is ever growing at a ridiculously brisk rate, however, she’s also a mother who’s in love with her baby daddy.

The business mogul, 21, decided to take out an entire billboard to celebrate Travis Scott’s birthday.

The rapper turns 28 on Tuesday and you can be sure that there’ll be a big bash on the day, but before that, Kylie and little Stormi wished daddy a happy birthday on a huge billboard which was spotted in West Hollywood which read: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY LOVE MOMMY & STORMI XO.”

The two have been going strong in recent times even cosplaying as Captain Marvel and Iron Man at an Avengers Endgame themed party.

Naturally there were reactions on Social Media, many of them humorous, like @CooperLawrence who said: “Oh great. Kylie Jenner posting a billboard for Travis Scott’s birthday is going to make the CVS card I got for my boyfriend look really cheap now.”

Another user, @Aribrown_ said “kylie jenner having a whole ass billboard for travis birthday is exactly the type of headass ima be on with my hubby one day”

Naturally not everyone was enthused by the gesture as some said it was tacky and narcissistic.

One user wrote, “When you a “self made” billionaire and run out of birthday ideas…”

Another user, Nicole, wrote, “Kylie Jenner putting herself on a billboard as some type of narcissistic “birthday present” for her man is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a minute”

Tacky or not, what is undeniable is that Kylie sure does love her baby daddy and it is hoped that the feeling is mutual.

What do you think though? Is it a heartfelt, romantic gesture that makes you want to melt, or is it another tacky, vulgar display of wealth by someone who has the means to do it?

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