Korra Obidi Shows Off Fabulous 4-Day Post Baby Bod

Korra Obidi

Nigerian Dancer, Korra Obidi gave birth to a beautiful daughter a few days ago and shared a photo of herself 4 days later and by God does she look good.

The dancer garnered a lot of attention with her headline grabbing dance on Dancing with the Stars while 6 months pregnant. At the time she had gotten a lot of flak for dancing while pregnant  with some people even chucking in some racist comments for good measure. She responded in a post where she preached love over hate at all times.

Korra Obidi shared a picture the post baby bod and even had a little cheeky comments for the haters: “I guess the dancing wasnt foolish at all😉

“My Active Pregnancy Handbook coming soon. Should be done writing it in a week. Will share everything. Click like in my Bio to get notified when it is ready.”

Korra Obidi

In an earlier post, she had also shared a picture of her daughter, June, and talked about how she was glad that she was able to have the baby without any stretch marks.

“We did it family! Came out without a stretch mark. Thank you for helping me create that solid skincare routine. Worked magic. I’ll detail it in my handbook. Still writing that, click link in my Bio to get it when it is done.

“Now time to help me get my vagina, Tommy and booty back! Drop your advice in the comments, I’ll be there. Research is essential. Lol. Love you so much”

Korra Obidi

There were a lot of comments in support of Korra Obidi and it seems that she has been able to turn what could have been a negative into an overwhelming positive.

We congratulate Korra on the birth of a lovely baby girl and we wish her all the very best moving forward.

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