Kolade Johnson: Nigeria’s Administration Insensitive!- Falz Fumes

Kolade Johnson
Falz speaks out on Kolade Johnson's murder

Folarin Falana, otherwise known as Falz, has also weighed in on the controversy surrounding the tragic death of Kolade Johnson.

Johnson, who was watching a football match, was hit by a stray bullet said to have come from officers of the police anti-cultism unit. Since the incident yesterday, social media has been alight with criticisms of police and a revival of the #EndSars hashtag.

Amongst many who spoke, Falz who has been very critical of many aspects of Nigeria’s administration also spoke out in a series of tweets.


He stated that he believes that this current administration is one of the most insensitive in existence.

The ‘This is Nigeria’ singer also compared the members of the Police force with assassins, stating that there was little difference between both.

“So called police killing young people, abruptly ending our dreams and ambitions. How many more lives are we going to lose?” he said

“What’s the difference between these SARS guys and armed robbers / assasins ?”#

“This administration is the most insensitive ever in our history. So we voted another 4 years of this BULLSHIT?” he stated in another tweet.


This is not the first time Falz is speaking out against issues that assail our society and the ineffectiveness of some government policies. He has been consistent in his criticism of social injustice like police brutality, rape, bribery and corruption through his music. His last album “Moral Instruction” is a 9 track body of work that touched on everything including politics. Leading up to the elections, he was also one half of the YouTube hosted political talk show “OntheCouchNaija” which he hosted with Media Activist Layla Johnson. On the show, they invited Presidential aspirants and asked them questions about their ambition.

Falz was not the only one to react to the tragic death of Johnson, another Twitter user, @stefanygeorge, said: “My Kaylo Boy is gone! My ‘Lion’ … my chef… my precious Kolade Johnson… I’m so sorry it ended this way… I’m sorry i wasn’t there to stop the bleeding… I’m sorry the government failed you… I’m sorry ?

Anti-SARS advocate, Segun Awosanya, has already spoken on the case, stating that he would not let Mr. Johnson’s death be in vain.

He tweeted: “This is another death of Nigerian that should have been avoided if our push for a more efficient and accountable system had been allowed to scale through,”

Rest in Peace Kolade Johnson

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